Data Room, Chantilly, VA contracted with Power Solutions, LLC, Lanham, MD to build out a third data room at their existing facility in Chantilly, VA.

Uninterrupted Power
Power Solutions furnished and installed two 4000 amp services/switchboards, one of which controls HVAC equipment consisting of two chillers and associated air handing units, and the other that feeds four 750 KVA uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The UPS units feed a 3000 amp system control cabinet which in turn feeds a 3000 amp distribution board with wrap around by-passes that control eleven 200 KVA power distribution units. The immediate needs for the new facility required use of a two mega-watt, continuous duty generator for four weeks until permanent power was available from the utility.

An Ambitious Schedule
The project schedule allowed only eight weeks for installing and commissioning all mechanical and electrical equipment. In order to complete this task; it was necessary to start installing parallel feeders before drawings could be completed. Furnished with half the drawings, the electricians had to be very creative and precise in order to produce the high quality product expected by the customer and to complete the project on schedule.


Electrical Alliance Contractor Info

  • Electrical Alliance Contractor: Power Solutions, LLC
  • Contractor Location: Lanham, MD