Walter Reed Community Center, Arlington, VA


In seeking to obtain a Silver-level LEED certification, the County of Arlington, VA chose Power Solutions, LLC, Lanham, MD to provide energy-efficient installation and state-of-the-art lighting management technology in the new Walter Reed community center. Power Solutions installed the power distribution, lighting, fire alarm and light controls systems as well as rough-ins for the voice/data, security and audio/visual systems.

Efficient Distribution for Power and Fire Alarm System
Power Solutions' electricians routed power from the 2,000-amp switchboard to six distribution panels to provide the most efficient branch-circuit distribution. They also routed conduit and wire to about 60 devices including smoke detectors, strobes and pull stations for the fire alarm system.

Lighting Systems Save Energy by Maximizing Sunlight
Lighting and lighting controls were an integral part of the project. The lighting control system included occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and timed-event sequencing. Daylight sensors were installed in rooms with windows that provided natural daylight. They determine when to conserve man-made light to save energy. The rest of the building used wall or ceiling motion sensors to conserve light.

Teamwork Key to Success
To overcome the challenges of working on a LEED project, such as using different types of building materials and properly recycling construction debris, Power Solutions' electricians worked very closely with the architect, general contractors, and other on-site personnel.


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