Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC

Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC completed an environmentally-friendly expansion and renovation of the middle school and construction of a new parking garage. The project doubled the size of the school, created much-needed athletic fields and provided ample parking. Power Services Inc. (PSI), Bowie, MD and Natelco Corp., Capital Heights, MD were enlisted to power the project which aimed for a Platinum LEED certification.

Parking That Blends In
To combat one of the school's biggest issues, lack of parking, contractors built a 2-story, 191,270 square-foot parking garage with office space. The garage is semi-recessed with an athletic field on top. Natelco brought power to the garage by:

  • relocating the electrical primary service to the school's campus
  • installing lighting
  • setting up electrical service to the administrative offices
  • installing emergency generator service
  • installing the fire alarm system.

Inside the parking garage, there was to be no exposed conduit, so workers embedded the conduit into the concrete.

Energy-Saving Lighting System
Within the renovated school building and new expansion, PSI installed a new electrical system. Throughout the school, PSI installed an automated lighting system to reduce energy use. The system adjusts light levels according to the amount of sunlight coming through the windows. The resulting energy usage is 10 to 15 percent of that of a comparable Code-compliant building.

Practical and Educational Monitors
Finally, LCD screens allow both faculty operators and students to monitor details of the facility power and fuel consumption in the school hallways.

The two Electrical Alliance contractors on this project were Power Services and Natelco Electrical Contractors.


Electrical Alliance Contractor Info

  • Electrical Alliance Contractor: Power Services Inc. and Natelco Corp.
  • Contractor Location: Bowie, MD and Capital Heights, MD